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Anonymous asked: When did the ADHD thing come out?

Like when did he first mention it? I can’t remember exactly but my I want to say it was after he finished touring Soul Punk but before the return of FOB. The oldest of those tweets is from October 2012, which sounds right to me. If you’re wondering when he was diagnosed, I’m guessing it’s only been in the last couple years as well.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any pictures of Patrick in that blue shirt with the sailboats on it that he wore in the sugar video? I can only seem to find edits of them and not the original ones

I do, anon! I have so many. I recently posted him wearing it in this set from a 2005 show. He also wore it in a February 2006 appearance on Daily Download. He’s worn it a ton, actually. On tv, in a photoshoot, to meet Jay Z and Beyonce… That shirt has gotten around. I went through my archive and really quickly tried to tag anytime it was apparent to me he was wearing that shirt. You can find those pictures under sailboats. Excuse all of the duplicates.

Anonymous asked: Everybody asking about Elisa, so i... ADHD, he wrote on his twitter he being diagnosed by this. Do you know something about that? And about that sucicide/depression mode on this band - better question, who not use a therapy any single time (maybe Andy? :P). Pete - hell yeat, Joe - his twitter say's he start a teenager, but nothing more i know, Patrick - that ADHD thing...


He spoke about it in an article of Kerrang magazine in 2013. He said he is now on medication for it and it changed his life. My daughter has the same ADD and it was also missed at school, your brain is so hyperactive that your body copes by ‘spacing out’ and it’s really hard to concentrate and affects your memory. She was also told she was lazy!

So late responding to this but thank you for directing me to that article because I didn’t remember that one specifically.  Also thanks to vanillatumbleweedscoffee who remembered it too and and saved me the trouble of digging through my hard drive to find the scan. See below:



In a couple old interviews he told the story about how his mom took him to see the doctor when he was in like second grade because he kept falling asleep in class and the doctor just told her Patrick was lazy. That’s not atypical of someone with ADHD, inattentive type (which was likely under-diagnosed in the 80s when the focus was more on the hyperactive type). And because I know someone will ask, here are tweets where he’s mentioned having ADHD: 1 2 3 He said elsewhere that he wasn’t diagnosed until he was in his 20s but I can’t seem to find that at the moment. That’s really all I know about that.  As far as his experience with therapy, I have a certain impression that may have formed as fact in my mind without any support, and my fatigue is interfering with my recollection of what he’s actually said. I can’t find anything right now to adequately answer this, but if anyone else has better recall of an instance when he talked about therapy, let me know.

He says he was diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder and believes the drugs he has been prescribed have helped him turn his life around.

"I’m just a bit more disciplined now," he says.  "I was diagnosed with adult ADHD. I’m on medication for it. I’m just way more patient and happier since I started taking it.