I have a bunch of pictures of Patrick Stump I've saved over the last six years.  Figured I'd put them somewhere.  For pictures of the rest of Fall Out Boy, check the tags or here.   Enjoy.
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Anonymous asked: he put the house on the market like last november but it didn't sell until just recently. he could've moved before it sold. there are articles and a couple youtube videos about it.

I know, I’m clarifying because it was on the market for quite a while that “just” sold means like a week ago, not a month or two months ago.

Anonymous asked: when fob had that like 4 days off of monumentour, I'm pretty sure both he & pete flew to LA. and i recall awhile back that someone from la said on tumblr that patrick had just moved across the street from them

The article about him selling his house just popped up at the end of last week I think, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he has bought another place in LA.

Anonymous asked: Weird question, but does Patrick still (currently) live in Chicago?

He owns a home in Chicago. He also owned a home in LA from 2008 onward but he just sold it so I don’t know if he’s moving back to Chicago full-time or if he’s bought another place in LA on the dl.

Anonymous asked: Thank you. I'm sorry for bothering you.

It’s no bother. Sorry to have made you feel badly.

Anonymous asked: Please tag for genitals or something, because this is causing me dysphoria.

Tagged as such.

Anonymous asked: why do you have so many pictures of patrick anyway

I began by saving the pictures of him I liked so I could easily find them. And then sometime in 2008 or 2009 I noticed that a lot of photo storage sites were dying or had died and a lot of media sites had changed their links or deleted media and I realized fan history was being lost so I started trying to save what I could to preserve it. Now I just want to have as much as I can organized as best as I can in the best quality I can in one place.


Oh, anon.

Anonymous asked: hi guess what................................................


Anonymous asked: I just looked onto my dash to see all this talk about penises what the hell did i miss?

Oh nothing really. Sorry I should tag for penis or something…

Anonymous asked: Well I suppose the logic behind it is that, when you lose weight basically your body gets smaller, but your penis isn't gonna get any smaller, it just stays the same size. So when the rest of you is smaller, it makes the penis appear larger. At least that's my theory. I've never seen a penis in person.

That and the pad of fat behind it shrinks which exposes more shaft. Or something. 

Anonymous asked: how the fuck would it make ur penis longer ur a liar thats not true

This is the best ask I’ve ever received, thank you.

Anonymous asked: i thought that penny was put down??

Why did you think that?

Anonymous asked: To the taller anon, you actually are a little taller because you don't have as much weighing your spine down when you lose weight.

I suppose that’s true (it also makes your penis longer).